Recent completed roof projects in Australia utilized Antaisolar solar racking

August 08 , 2018
Congrats to several roof solar projects in Australia have been completed. Antaisolar roof solar racking was applied in these different types of roof. Thanks to our distributor in Australia for sharing the some good pictures about the solar projects.

Type one: Adjustable Tilt Solar Racking System

It’s installed to a certain tilt angle with the roof clamps. The solar racking system can be set at a fixed angle or adjustable angle with 10~15 deg, 15~30 deg and 30~60 deg for your requirement. Antaisolar adjustable solar panel bracket made with AL6005-T6 for main body and SUS304 for components. Self-owned factory allows for quick time delivery and ensures better quality control make Antaisolar stand out among the competitors.

Adjustable Tilt Solar Racking System

Type two: Metal roof L bracket

L bracket is a common roof clamp for metal roof use. By using SUS 410 Screw to fix the L bracket to the roof sheet, it’s the most simple roof mount solution for installation. Antaisolar offer a wide variety of L feet to accommodate any install.

Metal roof L bracket

Metal roof L bracket

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