What's the strengths of Antaisolar for providing solar solution

February 28 , 2019
Over 13 years committed in solar mounting solution, Antaisolar stands out among the competitors. In addition to constantly updating the product to offer the efficient solar racking solution, we are always try to explore and strengthen the good service experience for our clients.

In 2018, Antaisolar has set up offices in Japan, Australia, Brazil, providing timely localization services. For Australia market, Antaisolar has partnered with several local distributors to quick good delivery if necessary. And there is a warehouse in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan, where domestic transportation can be arranged in case of emergency, alleviating the urgent need for project.

AS for PV engineers support, The engineering team is fully equipped to offer design drawings within 2 days, and the monthly design project volume over 3000. Besides that, Antaisolar engineering team can provide on-site technical support if necessary. Antaisolar engineers have rich experience for various types solar projects with nearly 8.5GW solar mount shipments till 2018.

In 2018, Antaisolar set up logistic team to offer smooth and efficient logistics solutions, saving customers cost in transport. What’s more, establishing a customer service team, promised to respond within the first 24 hours of after-sales service, and assisted in providing solutions within 48 hours.

Antaisolar is committed to providing more convenient and efficient products (Aluminum solar panel structure) and services all the way.