Case study about two solar projects which utilized Antaisolar solar bracket

September 30 , 2019

In September 2019, two solar projects shared by Antaisolar clients which utilized waterproof carport solar racking and aluminum solar bracket accessory respectively, has successfully completed.  

The 150KW carport solar project in Costa Rica

carport solar project

The Waterproof solar carport develops under various market's feedback. Antaisolar PV engineers offer a stable and easy to install mounting solution while maintaining waterproof performance.

Solar Carports are an ideal solution for energy generation on big surfaces, otherwise unused. Besides energy production, they bring maximum convenience by providing cool, shady parking spaces in summer & also protection during rainy days, can become charging stationsfor electric bicycles, scooters and cars.

The 50MW solar ground project in Vietnam

solar ground project

Prior to this large scale ground solar project, Antaisolar has already provided several big scale projects with aluminum solar bracket, including a 58MW and 50MW solar projects in southern Vietnam. Aiming at providing more timely and effective localization services, Antaisolar has set up office in Vietnam and Malaysia early in 2019 for further developing southeast Asia market.

With over 13 years dedication to solar mounting solution, Antaisolar has stand out among competitors for its brand influence, local technical support and product stability.