Rooftop solar plant in Africa utilized Antaisolar railless solar mounting system

October 31 , 2019

The solar application in Africa can really makes sense and is achievable for the following reasons:

1: Abundant sunlight. Botswana and Namibia offer the potential to capture around 10 hours of strong sunlight per day for 300 days per year and have some of the highest solar irradiance potential of any country in Africa, which translates to highly productive concentrated solar power (CSP) and photovoltaic (PV) installations.

2: Open spaces and low population density. The countries have sizeable areas of flat, uninhabited land not currently used for productive economic activity, which is conducive to building land-intensive solar PV and CSP installations.

In this 1.7MW solar rooftop solar project located in Togo, we are honor to be part of it for making solar energy generation. Antaisolar offer the most simple and solid racking mounting solution after careful site analysis.

Railless Solar Roof Mounting System

The Railless Solar Roof Mounting System facilitates the rapid mounting of framed PV modules on trapezoidal metal sheet roofs with minimum thickness 0.8mm, only four components are required to install the modules directly to the roof. A base mounting clip is 100mm or 140mm long, therefore easy to carry and attach to almost all trapezoidal and sandwich roofs. The EPDM sheet is in the package to seal the screw against the metal sheet which can help to provide watertight performance.

The project is under going smoothly and expected to completed in Nov, 2019. Our client spoke highly of the quick response and easy mounting of solar racking during installation.