More about aluminum extrusion materials

October 21 , 2016
Aluminum comes in different alloys. A construction or structural alloy is an aluminum alloy designed for building structures, such as in the rails of a mounting system – examples of this type are 6005-T5 or 6106-T6.

Lower-grade aluminum like AL 6063 is most commonly used to build office partitions or window framing. It is not as strong, and you should be wary of a mounting system rail constructed using this material. There are different shop sign aluminum alloy application:

1: 6005 extrusion profiles and pipes, have strength greater than 6063 alloy structure, like a ladder, TV antenna, etc;
2: 6009 mainly used for car plate;
3: 6010 sheet: car body;
4: 6061 used for all kinds of industrial structural requires a certain strength, weld-ability and high resistance to corrosion, such as manufacturing truck, tower building, vessel, trams, furniture, mechanical parts, precision machining etc. used with the tube sheet, rod, bar section, panel;
5: 6063 industrial extruded aluminum profiles, construction profiles, irrigation pipes and extruded material for vehicle and rack, furniture, fencing, etc;
6: 6066 forgings and welding structure extrusion materials;
7: 6070 heavy welding structure and automobile industry used with materials and pipe extrusion; 8: 6101 buses with high-strength bars, electric conductor and cooling equipment etc;

For solar mounting system , aluminum alloy 6005 is usually supplied in tube or extruded form . It's most common temper is T5, this temper denotes that the material has been cooled from an elevated temperature for the shaping process and then artificially aged.