How to choose right solar racking with high wind resistance?

June 23 , 2020

In windy areas, choosing a solar racking system with strong wind resistance can not only ensure stable and efficient power generation, but also greatly save maintenance costs. Therefore, it is important for you to know how to choose the right solar racking with high wind resistance.

solar racking system

There are several factors that can influence the wind resistance ability of solar racking.

1. Mechanical calculation

The bearing load of Antaisolar solar racking is strictly calculated, including the calculation of wind load standard value, solar panel and solar structure self weight, etc. Analyzing materials’ performance parameters so as to effectively control the deformation of structural design. With 14 years of experience in design and installation of solar projects at home and abroad, Antaisolar has adopted standardized pre-assembled structures and components, without cutting and welding on site, ensuring standardized construction and strengthening the stability of solar racking.

2. Anti-pull force test

Antaisolar has its own anti-pull force test laboratory equipped with advanced anti-pull force tester to conduct strict ultimate test on solar racking components, ensuring its durability and stability under strong wind climate.

solar racking components

3. Quality aluminum materials

Most of the solar brackets on the market are made of stainless steel. However, due to its thickness and welding process, the wind resistance of stainless steel is far less than that of aluminum alloy. Antaisolar adopted quality anodized aluminum 6005-T6 material, featured with high corrosion resistance, aesthetic appearance, convenient installation and strong wind resistance.

Stainless steel solar bracket

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