The PV Japan 2018 Exhibition in Yokohama has successfully completed

July 11 , 2018
After three days exhibition in Yokohama, Antaisolar solar racking sales team has come back with fruitful results.

As a champion for three years in shipment to the Japanese market among Chinese companies, Antaisolar showcased a series of ground mounting system to meet different demand for ground use. The pile ground solar racking ,which is fit for large scale solar plants, can provide east to west direction adjustment for better installation. Other aluminum ground mounting systems, the solar ground screws and solar fences are also received many inquiries.

Antaisolar is your best choice as it has the following unique advantages:

1: Antaisolar owns a complete industrial chain integrating aluminum ingot casting, extrusion, oxidation and precision processing. The solar ground screw is  produced by 100% automatic welding.

2: Strict quality inspection is carried out at all stages of production and all parts are checked. Antaisolar's solar mounting system is designed in strict accordance with the Japanese JIS standard, providing a 10-year warranty.

3: Antaisolar owns a warehouse to deal with emergencies on site in Japan and can provides the install guidance in the construction site. We also provide regional sales agency cooperation to achieve a win-win situation.