Some common type in solar mounting bracket system

July 11 , 2018

For some owners who want to install solar power plants, they often feel confused about the environment in which they want to install solar racking system and how to choose the right base type. As one of the manufactures of solar mounting system for almost 12 years, Antaisolar has summed up the following types of bases for different solar ground system.

NO.1 Helical pile solar foundations

Without any concrete poured, the foundations will cause minimal impact to the environment.

The construction speed is quick, there is no need for site formation, no concrete for the earthwork, and maximum protection of the vegetation in the field. The height of the support can be adjusted with the terrain.

NO.2 Grouting Pile Base
It is more convenient to form holes, the amount of concrete reinforcement is small, the amount of excavation is small, the construction is fast, and the damage to the original vegetation is small. However, there are concrete holes and pouring in the field, which are suitable for general filling, cohesive soil, silt, sand etc.

NO.3 Pile driven foundation

Driven piles are the simplest and least expensive foundations. These are commonly galvanized to prevent against corrosion and ensure long life under environmental conditions. For sites which have clay, gravel, dense sand, water tables which are not very close to the surface, and or otherwise generally offer good soil cohesiveness which allow strong pull out resistance, the optimal foundation is the driven pile.

NO.4 Cement counterweight method:

Placing concrete piers on the cement roof, this is a common installation method, with a solid advantage, without damaging the roof waterproofing.

Other type of foundations: