What Will Antaisolar Product Go Through Before It Is Delivered to You?

May 30 , 2020
The business field of Antaisolar covers solar racking, building aluminum formwork systems and other aluminum profiles. It is a group company integrating R & D, design, production, sales and service. Let us take a look at what Antaisolar product will go through before it is delivered to you.

Complete Supply Chain

Antaisolar owns factory with complete aluminum production chain from ingot melting, extrusion, anodizing, powder coating, fine finishing to packing and selects T6 heat treatment to ensure our aluminum profiles with higher tensile strength and hardness.

Quality Control

A quality-guarantee system for Antaisolar aluminum products consists of advanced testing equipment, excellent inspectors and thorough QC management including spectrum analyzer, chemical element testing, anti-pull force testing, film thickness testing and salt spray testing.

Sampling Inspection

Whole process inspection from raw material to finished product including section size, thickness, torsion, bending, angle, surface quality, etc.

Own Logistics Team

a. The professional team provides customized logistics services to ensure the product safety and fast access to the case site.

b. Direct cooperation with sea/air/land/rail carriers to reduce intermediate links and logistics costs.

c. With a global agent network and cargo transportation with full tracking, emergency can be handled in real time.

d. stablishing overseas warehouses and stock of standing general-purpose products to realize local fast delivery.

With 14 years dedication to the design manufacturing and sales of solar racking and tracking system, we are always trying to provide the best “support“ for you. More products likesolar racking, building aluminum formwork systems and other aluminum profiles are atAntaisolar.